Optimization Direct at INFORMS 2020 Business Analytics Conference, Denver CO, 26-28 April, 2020

Technology Tutorial at INFORMS

Optimization and Machine Learning: An ODH|CPLEX Python prime

Monday, April 27, 1:50-4:40pm, Room: Cottonwood 11

Presented by: Robert Ashford & Alkis Vazacopoulos
This short tutorial shows participants how to build a basic model using the DOCplex API in Python. This session includes setting the Python environment, reading data from a CSV or spreadsheet, creating variables, objective functions, constraints, solving the model, and returning the results. Additionally, this session points the participants to further reading so that they may expand their capabilities. Furthermore, we will present the brand new ODH|CPLEX API for Python, which improves solution times for large models.

Technology Workshops at INFORMS

How to Deploy applications that combine machine learning/deep learning tools and optimization technologies such as CPLEX/ ODH|CPLEX

Sunday, April 26, 11-12:45pm, Room: Cottonwood 8

Organizations are increasingly hiring Data Scientists with Open Source skills. They leverage the capabilities and work with Open Source tools like R, Python, Spark, as well as integration with CPLEX and large data. Come learn how to integrate with Open Source tools to enable clients to get the best of both worlds (Open Source programming and the Modeler GUIs for those who prefer not to code). Furthermore, we will review the latest developments/results in CPLEX Optimization Studio and the new ODH|CPLEX.