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January 03, 2019

Upgrade to the latest version of ODH|CPLEX today.

ODH|CPLEX is an embedding of the ODH engine inside the world’s leading MIP optimizer, IBM CPLEX. It brings the advantage of ODH – finding good solutions to difficult models – to CPLEX which computes an improving best bound and closes the optimally gap to give solutions of proven quality.

ODH and ODH|CPLEX now have APIs for C, C++/Concert, Java and Python. The Python interface provides a convenient interactive environment as well as connecting it with the most popular data science development platform, which enables it to be embedded in tailored methods and co-work with CPLEX and IBMs CP optimizer.

ODH technology works hand-in-glove with CPLEX from the ODH engine using CPLEX to solve the sub-models to exchanging solution and bound information with the main CPLEX solve of the full model. Since it runs in concurrent separate threads it needs at least 8 cores to run most effectively, but may still bring benefits to 4 core configurations.

Optimization Direct can now offer ODH|CPLEX license for a single user, single instance dedicated to a single application on an 8 core machine for $12,000. For multiple licenses significant discounts are offered.

Competitive pricing structures for multi-user, multi cores and multi-application are also available. Contact Optimization Direct for a bespoke quotation.

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About ODH
With a bigger and more global datasets, customers are presenting increasingly large and complex models to optimize. With these massive models, established optimization technology generally fails in that it can either find no solution at all or solutions that take too long to find or are too poor to have any value.

Optimization Direct have combined the new algorithm with CPLEX in the ODH | CPLEX Optimiser specifically to find solutions massive MIP models of the big data era. The ODHeuristics engine is run under CPLEX in both deterministic or opportunistic modes; the combination of the two requires more memory and processor resources but ODH accelerates CPLEX and helps CPLEX heuristics and finds good solutions to these massive datasets.

ODHeuristics is designed for scheduling problems but works for any MIP which has a reasonable number of integer feasible solutions. It has been deployed effectively on packing problems, supply chain and telecoms as well as scheduling applications. On large scale MIPs it provides good solutions and optimality measures that are often beyond the reach of traditional optimization methods.

Optimisation Direct
Optimization Direct Inc., is based in the US/UK and co-founded by Dr. Robert Ashford, a pioneer in the field of optimization, and Dr. Alkis Vazacopoulos, a leader in the industry. Optimization Direct has partnered with and entered into a technology licensing and distribution agreement with IBM. By combining the founders' industry and software experience and IBM’s CPLEX Optimization Studio product with the arsenal of Optimization modeling and solving tools from IBM provides customers the most powerful capabilities in the industry.

CPLEX Optimization Studio
CPLEX Optimization Studio is an analytical decision support toolkit for rapid development and deployment of optimization models using mathematical and constraint programming. It combines an integrated development environment (IDE) with the powerful Optimization Programming Language (OPL) and high-performance ILOG CPLEX optimizer solvers. CPLEX Optimization Studio enables clients to

  • Optimize business decisions with high-performance optimization engines.
  • Develop and deploy optimization models quickly by using flexible interfaces and prebuilt deployment scenarios.
  • Create real-world applications that can significantly improve business outcomes.

For more information about ODHeuristics, Optimization Direct, or CPLEX contact: Alkis Vazacopoulos Email: alkis@optimizationdirect.com www.optimizationdirect.com