ODH|CPLEX is now included in GAMS

June 19, 2018

Harrington Park, NJ
Optimization Direct, a leading expert in optimization software, today announces that it has signed an agreement with GAMS Development Inc. to include their product, ODH|CPLEX, in the General Algebraic Modeling System (GAMS). This partnership provides GAMS/CPLEX customers with an additional tool (or some additional mathematical horsepower, if you like) to use in solving large and complex planning, scheduling and supply chain optimization problems.

"User-provided model annotation has resulted in new ways to formulate and solve optimization problems. ODH|CPLEX builds on this concept to find better solutions more quickly." said Michael Bussieck, Managing Director at GAMS. "The automatic decomposition mode in ODH|CPLEX allows users to simply swap their MIP solver with ODH|CPLEX and to immediately benefit from this new technology. We are excited to offer ODH|CPLEX to all our GAMS/CPLEX customers, even free of charge for users in academia!"

Robert Ashford of Optimization Direct adds. "We are happy to work with GAMS. They have a very large CPLEX user base that will definitely benefit from using ODH for difficult MIP problems. The GAMS academic network is very strong and it will be great for ODH to be used widely in the academic community."



About GAMS

GAMS is one of the leading tool providers for the optimization industry. With customers in more than 120 countries, GAMS is used by multinational companies in many different industries, universities, research institutions, and governments.

GAMS combines the language of mathematics (algebra) with concepts from programming and introduces a model-based approach in order to efficiently describe and solve optimization problems. This concept is the most productive way to implement large-scale optimization models.

Our mission is to make modelers from all areas more productive by providing them with the best possible tool for their optimization purposes.

Visit www.gams.com to learn more.

About Optimization Direct

Optimization Direct Inc., co-founded by Dr. Robert Ashford, a pioneer in the field of optimization, and Dr. Alkis Vazacopoulos, a leader in the industry, markets IBM® ILOG® CPLEX Optimization Studio®, the world's leading software product for modeling and optimization.

CPLEX Optimization Studio* solves large-scale optimization problems and enables better business decisions and resulting financial benefits in areas such as supply chain management, operations, healthcare, retail, transportation, logistics and asset management. It has been applied in sectors as diverse as manufacturing, processing, distribution, retailing, transport, finance and investment.

Optimization Direct has partnered with and entered into a technology licensing and distribution agreement with IBM. By combining the founders' industry and software experience and IBM’s CPLEX Optimization Studio product with the arsenal of Optimization modeling and solving tools from IBM provides customers the most powerful capabilities in the industry.

For more information about Optimization Direct contact:
Dr. Alkis Vazacopoulos