Transcriptic Chooses CPLEX Constraint Programming For Robotic Cloud Lab Scheduling System

18 December 2017

Optimization Direct today announced that Transcriptic, creator of the world’s first robotic cloud laboratory, has selected ILOG CPLEX Optimization Studio, a constraint programming solver licensed from IBM, as the engine to drive its scheduling system. The Transcriptic Robotic Cloud Lab provides on-demand assay execution via an automated laboratory that is connected through IoT and cloud-based technologies. Users access the solution via a simple web-based interface.

CPLEX Optimization Studio is an analytical decision support toolkit for rapid development and deployment of optimization models using mathematical and constraint programming. It combines an integrated development environment with the powerful Optimization Programming Language and high-performance ILOG CPLEX optimizer solvers.

“Transcriptic is a pioneer in designing and building an automated laboratory infrastructure in a containerized format. We are very pleased that this leader in the automation of biological discovery has chosen the CPLEX Constraint Programming solver,” said Dr. Robert Ashford, CEO of Optimization Direct.

The Workcells designed by Transcriptic form a virtual lab connected by software all with a single interface. This flexible architecture provides an unparalleled ability to scale experimental capacity for users. The Transcriptic cloud lab receives the instructions for an experiment and dynamically provisions enough robotic capability and reagents to complete the experiment.

Evan Worley, VP of Software at Transcriptic commented: “CPLEX CP solver is the leading software in constraint programming and is well aligned with our operational goals. We are able to achieve a level of efficiency and device utilization that would not be possible with more conventional approaches.”

More information about Transcriptic is available at www.transcriptic.com. More information about Optimization Direct is available at: www.optimizationdirect.com.



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